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Today is the day..

December 6, 2011

Today I have finally talked myself into updating this blog.  I have thought about it numerous times over the past few months, but couldn’t quite get the motivation to actually do it…so hooray for me today!  Unfortunatly, for those of you that read this…our Pendleton household hasn’t had anything too exciting or out of the ordinary to report..However, a few things have happened since September.

-We had Halloween!  Jaxon and Liv were Superman and Batgirl.  My parents came over for the evening. My dad and Matt took the kids trick-or-treating and they totally scored a came home with tons of king size candy bars.which Matt consumed without even offering me any! and…I have to mention the quality movie we watched after they got back…”Spookie buddies”, or something about 5 talking dogs…anyway…wow.. what you can watch all the way through for your kids.

-Jaxon started….and recently just had his final game for the t-ball season, which he loved, although he would get really disappointed if he didn’t get to the ball before the other kids.  Liv thoroughly enjoyed playing catch with herself in the outfield all season (if you call it a season for 4 year olds)?

-I got my haircut-usually not a big deal, but everyone seamed to mention it… probably due to the fact that they think I look completely different…here is a picture for those of you that are now curious. (I think I look the same)..oh-well.

-We took the boat up the river ..more like down actually with my parents.  It was quite the experience, but only because it was extremely windy, but I think it added to it! halfway down we pulled into a cove to eat lunch where we ended up getting stuck..and I (don’t know why me) ended up scaling the mountain with a rope to pull us out.  You would think my dad or even Matt would have jumped to the occasion, but never the less..I basically saved the day.

-We had a fabulous Thanksgiving at Gunlock with the whole family, which was fantastic as usual.  My aunt makes these rockin’ tasty rolls that look like they should be featured on Food Network every year, so yesterday I attempted them and I swear they never turn out like hers! They taste yummy, but isn’t half the taste of food the presentation?? 🙂

-Primary program. check. 1 year down…who knows how many to go.

-Currently just getting geared up for Christmas!

and here’s a picture of Liv because she is just oh so cute!



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  1. Melissa permalink
    December 6, 2011 1:39 pm

    Wahoo! So glad I got to see all of you at Thanksgiving, but I do love your occasional posts and pictures!

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