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Man vs. Mud

September 25, 2011

At the beginning of the month we took the trek up to Logan, Utah with my brother and his cute family so that me and Diana could do the “Man vs. Mud” 5k.  I am not a huge runner, she is, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but thankfully there was lots of mud to slow her down and make her walk occasionally! the good news is, is that I made it…I know I totally sound like a pansy, but what can I say?  I have yet to find that inner desire and joy that so many of you have for running!…or maybe it is just called endurance haha…

Anyway, the whole weekend they kicked my butt!  It started the day we got there by swimming laps..which I don’t think I have ever done and was totally wearing the wrong type of swimming suit (I think I might need a speedo)…then…we ran a few miles that night, which yes, I don’t know if I should admit this but I totally ate it in an intersection..HA! It. was. awesome.  I would try to make some justifying excuse, but lets face it, I totally didn’t see the curb there…my bad! plus I have always had a depth perception problem I think especially when I first learned to drive..oops!

The next day we went to the gym and the nostalgic Cherry Hill! Then on Saturday we had the race!  It was a lot of fun and I would do it again any day!

I have decided that if I really want to get in shape I need to live by Scott and Diana..They are one turbo duo and I love it!  and Love them!


We did it!

September 25, 2011

This year us kids, me and my bother….well, actually my sister-in-law successfully talked my mom and dad into getting a beach house for a much-needed family vacation!!…(one that is, that  didn’t involve canning, mowing, digging, or sewing, although we do love doing things and thoroughly enjoy our Gunlock family get togethers as well :))

So off we went to southern California for a whole week in the middle of September!  4 words..4 words only…It. was. a. blast.

We stayed in an awesome house…quite unique actually, ate good food, celebrated 2 birthday’s , and went to the beach EVERYDAY…I even caught some waves…3 to be exact, now aren’t you impressed..because I sure was 🙂  So, thank you mom and dad for such an awesome week!



Can you belive it??

July 18, 2011

We’ve been married 7 years  I can’t believe it!  Time FLIES!!  I think this is the point where I should say, “man I’m gettting old” but I think it would be more  appropriate to say “man, I got married young!”  and I am pretty sure it was my best decision yet!  I married the man of my dreams and I get him forever!  I am such a lucky girl! I love you!

Called to Serve…

July 18, 2011

Right after the big weekend we made the trek up to Fabulous Salt lake City to see Matt’s family.  For the past 3 years Matt’s mom and Dad have been serving as the Mission Presidents of the California Roseville Mission and they are finally back home! Yay!  They did it!  It was so good to see them and have the whole family together for a few days and just hang-out.

We met them at the airport bright and early with huge signs and 70 yellow balloons…yes, you heard me right…7.0.  which was totally all Christina!  I had never felt so “mormon” as I did in that moment…standing at the bottom of the stairs, holding a sign, with a handful of balloons…it felt like I was right off of some video you show in seminary…which made it totally worth it!!   From there it was non stop family and pretty much the kiddos ruled the house. 9 kids under 4 in one household, with tons of toys….I am sure you can imagine.

It was so good to see everyone and officially welcome Mark and JoAnn back home!!

4th of July weekend

July 18, 2011

I can’t believe that July is half way over!  really?…I guess in some way that is a good thing because that only means roughly 2 more months of unbearable, swealtering heat that I have grown to quite dislike.  I have no idea how I grew up in this heat and loved it!  In high school I thouht 95 degrees was perfect…and loved how on the boat it felt like a big blow-dryer…ugh…it gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it now…I can rightfully justify wearing my so called “booty shorts” (that are in no way as the shorts that I have seen lately) and white t-shirts back in the day.

This past week we drove home from utah and it felt like we were entering a big toasted marshmallow…perfectly browned, hot, and pretty much nothing cool or refreshing about it… but I have to admit I love the winters here…with the snow-less mountains and clear, come november I will be singing a different tune!

Anyway, being the month of July I wanted to post some pictures of the fabulous 4th of July weekend we had.  It was another wonderful weekend spent in Gunlock with the huge green trees, and perfectly manicured grass…thanks to dad and Matt 🙂  We went camping friday night and the rodeo and fishing on Saturday, which sadly to say…we didn’t catch a thing!  Sunday was good ol’ church, which seems harder and harder to get through every week that Liv gets older and more mobile! and on Monday we had the big to-do, with the breakfast in the park where all the kids enjoyed the bounce houses that Diana took control of (you go girl!) followed by the parade.  That night was the dinner and kareoke at the Rodeo…Needless to say, it was a blast and it is always comforting to go up there with my family…it feels like home.

I am a tad late on this post…

June 19, 2011

But, like they always say…better late than never right?

This past year Jaxon has gone to pre-school a few times a week, which has been so good for him!  Jaxon is our little social butterfly and I think he has really enjoyed going.  Whenever I would ask him how it was, or how fun he had  he would just shrug his shoulders…such a funny kid.   I am thinking that “the shrug”  is just the natural response that any child gives a parent when asked about school. 🙂  I am sure I gave it plenty of times…who-knows…His teachers we great, and I love the program!  Anyway, I wanted to take some official “last day” of school pictures.   The class had a big party where they sang us their songs, said the Pledge of Allegiance, acted out a “dramatic Play” (and yes, that is what it was titled on the program).  They were all so stinkin’ cute-I must say tat this is such a fun age and I am so glad that I get to hang-out around my little guy so much!  Love Him!


Father & Son’s

May 24, 2011

A few weekends ago our ward had the Father & Son’s overnight camp-out.  It was held up in Overton…I think.  Jaxon had a blast and I am assuming Matt did also.  He didn’t talk much about it, but from the pictures it looked like they had some fun…I know I sure did:)  I enjoyed a night out with some friends and got a sitter for Liv. Anyway,  here are a few pictures.


Then after: (yes, I am told that his mouth was wide open and filled)

Then I found this one…Really? But whatever I guess…he came home uninjured 🙂